Founders with Healthcare for the Homeless Network

provide now

is a Seattle-based nonprofit marketplace that allows donors to purchase material items needed by local charitable organizations.

Our mission

is to promote transparent donations of material items to equip nonprofits and communities with the resources necessary to thrive

Our vision

is to do more good by positively reinforcing donorship in order to help new generations build a strong and consistent relationship with philanthropy

We strive for total transparency & locality

Trust is the foundation of every worthwhile relationship. That’s why every organization we work with is in good standing with the IRS, top-rated on Charity Navigator (if applicable) and share our core values.

In order to support and stimulate the local economy we also do our best to partner with a local product vendors to fulfill an organization’s needs.


We work closely with the nonprofits we represent to ensure that they receive the exact items they need, when they need them.

At the bottom of every campaign page you will see a breakdown of where donor dollars will be spent, down to the penny.


We only work in physical item donations in order for our donors to trust exactly where their funds are going.

When we can, we purchase from local vendors in order to stimulate the local economy.


We keep you up-to-date along the way by providing automated updates and donation images when and where possible (coming soon!)